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Egress and Access Specialists

To compete for government centrally funded projects we’ve developed a range of BIM models for our prehung doorsets complete with ironmongery which can be edited in Revit by designers at any stage of the design and construction process.

‘mIspec’ parametrically connected data attached to each drawing can be edited in Revit – for example if a structural opening is changed then automatically the software will amend the frame and leaf size and even the kicking plate size.

Our drawings will detail the push and pull face of the doorset and also includes a 3D image that can be viewed in software.

Attached to each MODEL is a COBie output which is a detailed record (essentially an excel spreadsheet) of what was installed in a particular door opening.

This information will ensure any remedial repair in the future is completed using a like for like product to maintain the original design performance and certification.

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