20200 Tri-umph highspeed

Tri-UmphTM high speed hand dryer

This state-of-the-art, ergonomic, high-speed hand dryer is ultra-hygienic with an outstanding filter system. With air blowing down from vents above, users dry their hands in under 12 seconds. 

This hand dryer allows users to triumph over germs with fast drying time in a comfortable, natural position without water splash-back. Easy to maintain, the TRI-Umph™ high-speed hand dryer makes perfect sense to meet all washroom needs.

- Quick drying - under 12 seconds

- Ergonomic - No need to bend over or bend knees

- Air blows down from vents on top

- No water splash-back

- Ultra Hygienic - Over 99% of airborne bacteria is eliminated

- Owner-adjustable heater (on or off) and air flow


The TRI-UmphTM high speed hand dryers take less than 12 seconds to completely dry hands.

Low decibel level:

65-69.8 dB-A @ 2M


This unit is wall mounted at a comfortable height in order to permit a natural posture while drying the user’s hands.


Water blown from wet hands is pushed onto a absorbent and continuously evaporating ceramic plate, with any excess water channelled into a drip tray.


Over 99% or airborne bacteria and particles as small as 0.3 microns are eliminated with this hand dryer’s removable three-layer filter system.

Tri-UmphTM High Speed Hand Dryer

FS 20200 Silver and Black

FS T20201 White


• Ultra-hygienic

• Energy efficient

• Quieter

• Fast drying

• Ceramic Evaporator Plate captures water droplets

• Drip tray prevents puddles on the floor

• Easy to maintain

• Operating LED lights

Ultra Hygienic Three-Layer Filter

• HEPA - To capture airborne PARTICLES

• Antimicrobial- to fight BACTERIA

• Activated charcoal - to fight odour

Comes with an Antimicrobial ABS Cover with Silver Ions


Unique size is

(322 x 560 x 196 mm)

Net weight: (9kg)

Variable Settings

• Air flow can be lowered

• Heat can be turned on or off

• Save energy

• Reduce noise

• Gain operating flexibility

Optional voltage available